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About Meeka

Originally from Michigan, my journey into events started out when I worked as a legal assistant for nearly 30 years. The demands of working with busy professionals, and the events that they had, entailed them “leaving things to me” - often during the various phases of their events. While planning seasonal and quarterly events for the law firm I worked for, I was also hired to plan, decorate, and provide catering services for the lawyers’ personal events. And just like that, a business was born!

I developed an eye for interior design at a young age; from my exceptionally fashionable mom who always keeps an oh-so-stylish home. Whether for family, friends or clients, the events I would plan and decorate for them seemed to keep them wanting more. Countless times my clients would call me back to decorate their homes for the holidays, create a sports-themed man cave for their husbands, or even a classic Paris bedroom for a daughter.

Leave it to Meeka continues to thrive out of my pure passion for providing clients with unparalleled, personal service that fits their unique style for their homes and events. With us, you can truly Leave it to Meeka!

- meeka hughes -

8 Fun Facts

best era for music & movies:

my favorite snack:


the 80s!

a mantra i live by:

favorite vacation location:

the caribbean

presentation is everything!

my favorite flower:

favorite fun hobby:

visiting luxe spas nationwide


nothing makes me happier:

my first business:

apparel bedazzler (at age 14!)

my 2 adult sons are the best!

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